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Artists, often aware of their mortality, tend to create works with the hope that some part of them will live on.

Sydney’s inner-city suburbs have always attracted artists, designers, filmmakers and other creatives who live and practice their craft in this vibrant milieu. ‘Borrowed Time’ is a celebration of these individuals. They have directed plays, run design studios and attended or worked at the local art institutes. While they come from different places, their lives have been shaped by their experience in these areas, having  lived through Sydney’s many metamorphoses.

While creation is at the heart of ‘Borrowed Time’, the underlying theme is a little darker. Various creatures from nature have been incorporated into the paintings. These creatures are likely to be around after human beings are gone i.e. those which are adaptable in terms of diet and environmental needs. While many artists may be seeking immortality through creation, these creatures could be a reminder that our time is limited.

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