Oil On Linen, 61 x 76cm

This is the first painting in the series and is actually of my own hands. You’ll notice that some of the portraits in ‘Borrowed Time’ don’t feature the face of the subject, and if they do, the hands are still the major focus of the work. I enjoy drawing hands and find them really expressive, symbolic of both creation and destruction.

I’ve superimposed various creatures onto my hands; they are fairly adaptable to changing climates, have varied diets, don’t need to migrate and can burrow deep into the earth. These qualities make them more likely than other animals and perhaps even human beings, to survive our ever changing world. Some have been around for hundreds of millions of years before us, and are in some ways the more dominant species.

I did a version of this where I used real insects stuck onto my hands and while it looked very impactful, the insects stole the show. I decided to go with this version where the human and non-human elements are more balanced.