Oil and Snakeskin On Linen, 81 x 81cm

The title refers to one of the three fates, Clotho (or Nona in Roman mythology) who is responsible for weaving the thread of human life. While the names of these Moirai are Greek, the concept of the fates appear in most mature religions. In Hinduism the cycle is symbolised by Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva, who are equally as enthralling as their European counterparts. 

The bishop’s mitre is a symbol of authority in the Catholic church, but you’d more often expect to see it on a man’s head, in a somber, serious setting. By placing one on my friend Tam’s head, it’s meaning is diminished and it just becomes a costume.

Tam is a very talented artist and graphic designer, as well as being a fiercely passionate environmentalist. She and I have collaborated on many works together.