Screen Shot 2017-02-19 at 4.22.35 pm.pngKeroshin Govender merges contemporary design processes with traditional painting techniques to create unique and engaging artworks. His studies at UNSW Art and Design have influenced his process. In Govender’s paintings, unusual characters or backgrounds are superimposed onto real life subjects. 3D models and graphic design software are used in the planning stages.

Growing up in South Africa during the 80’s, Govender was immersed in a plethora of contrasting cultures; sometimes complimentary, sometimes clashing, always vibrant. As a migrant, cultural displacement and human struggle have been recurring themes in his work.

Govender grew up visiting game reserves then national parks in Australia and has always appreciated the delicate balance of our natural ecosystems and the things which threaten them. His current paintings feature human creators and resilient animals which are unlikely to be affected by changing climates or human encroachment i.e. those that may inherit the earth after human beings are gone. This apocalyptic aspect is contrasted by the human subjects who are engaged in a creative process, oblivious to their demise.

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